What Is Domain Authority?

You have a website. You know all about how SEO works, and you strive to achieve the highest rank when someone hits up the search bar looking for answers related to your products or services. You want your site to have the power of ranking first on the results page so that traffic to your site will increase. Is there a technical term for having that power?  

The words we should say is domain authority, and it’s what everyone seeks to obtain. Well, at least those with a desire to promote their websites and the products and services they contain.

We’re not going to stop at such a vague definition. There is way more to it than what we mentioned above. We’re going to give you a more elaborate explanation of what domain authority is, how to get it, and why it’s essential for growing your online profiles.

What is Domain Authority?

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Is your site a boss?

Domain authority is the measurement of the strength a domain name has. It’s a significant contributor to search engine ranking factors. Domain authority forms according to age, popularity, and size.

You may have heard of Moz SEO software, and you might already have it to use. If so, then great. If not, then it’s an excellent tool to have on hand to help you with domain authority. Moz gives you a score that determines how well your page will rank among the search engines.

Does that sound a lot like PageRank? That’s because it replaced PageRank when it became obsolete. It’s the same concept with a different name. It’s just one of the many changes that have emerged in recent years during Google’s evolution.

The Specifics

Domain authority is the literal term of Moz’s calculated number that determines how well the domain in question will rank in Google’s search results. It utilizes the data found in the Mozscape web index including several factors such as MozTrust and MozRank scores, link counts, and more. A machine learning model predicts and locates the algorithm that best matches the rankings from numerous search results pages.

How to Use Domain Authority

Knowing what domain authority is and how it works, how might you use the information you receive? It’s ideal to use domain and page authority to compare the numbers when you’re researching which pages rank higher than others. While MozRank can aid in determining a link’s popularity and link counts show you the number of pages and sites linking, the question it answers the most is “How powerful are the links on this page and how will they contribute towards the rank it receives in Google?”

It can help you predict where the page will rank and the value of the domain. Honestly, it does a pretty good job too. The higher your domain authority is, the higher the page lists on the search results page.

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Being an expert is like having a magical touch. On a touch screen. Or something.

If you’re trying to obtain links, then domain authority aids in identifying the value and quality of the site and in turn provides you the value of the link. To get a higher SEO rank and generate more traffic, using links on websites and pages that have a high domain authority is best.

Domain authority is better than page authority. That’s because instead of searching for links on web pages that are new or don’t even exist yet, you get links and information about the entire web page.

In addition to using domain authority to identify the value of links, you can also use it to determine where a website will rank in the search results. Keep in mind that even if your site ranks well, the pages within will have their own ranks. If you’re looking for information about a page’s rank, you’ll need to use page authority instead.

What Domain Authority Can’t Help With

Domain authority can’t help you with subdomains. It works solely with root domains. What does that mean? It can’t tell the difference between a personal blog post versus the actual blog site. An example would be a personal blog on Blogger and the actual Blogger website.


Domain authority can help with a domain—but not a subdomain.

Where You Can Find It

If you already have Moz, you can locate domain authority on your toolbar or MozBar. If you’re already inside Moz, you can use their Open Site Explorer. Moz however, includes all authority information in every Moz Analytics campaign and Mozscape API. Another site that’s useful for discovering domain authority is Website Checker.

Why Is It Important

Domain authority is essential to boosting your pages rank. Why? Well, the higher the domain authority of your website, the better you will rank in the search results. Then it starts a chain reaction. If you’re one of the top three, or even better the first site to appear in response to a query, then, of course, users will choose you over the ones below. In turn, it generates more traffic, popularity, and revenue. Which all equals to cash in your pocket and success for your company, brand, business, or whatever it is that you’re promoting.

Riding The Tides With Domain Authority

Domain authority can rise and fall. You may be wondering why it does that. The answer could lie in your backlinks. If you didn’t use any and another website did, then you’re domain authority will drop.

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Keep that SEO afloat, friend!

Sometimes it will rise. If you take an in-depth look at any changes that have occurred within your company associated to your website, you might find that your landscape has changed or the world wide web has gotten broader. Another possibility is that another site’s direct relationship with you has changed. For example, if a website with a higher authority than yours is directing traffic to you via links, then your domain authority will rise in response.

Domain authority is a potent component of your SEO strategy. Ultimately, the higher your domain authority, the better your site will rank. If you want to see your website climb the ladder to the top of the results page, we encourage you to contact the experts at Dominate With SEO.

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