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Geotagging and SEO: How Your Location Matters

Getting your business to appear on the first page of results for internet searches is not only an ongoing challenge, but truly a Darwinian survival of the fittest competition among businesses in your industry and locale. Google, Yahoo, and Bing use different methods and proprietary algorithms to determine which websites they serve to searchers, and[…]

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Our Top Five High Impact Ranking Signals for 2018

We talk about SEO (search engine optimization). We talk about SEO a lot, as you’re probably aware if you’ve either explored the site or maybe read some of our other articles. As we tend to harp on, SEO is not a static art. The most- and best-optimized SEO is derived from diligence, research, knowledge, and[…]

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Harnessing Inbound Marketing for Better SEO

Improving SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial goal for many business owners. Better SEO helps you get found on the internet, mainly when people search for you on Google or other search engines. You can accomplish this with tried, true, and Google-approved methods, like organic link building, researching and including keywords in your[…]

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13 Steps to More Advanced SEO

Hey! You’re back! Looking for more tips? Maybe ready for some advanced SEO? Aw, yeah. We got you. In advance (pun intended), it’s helpful to realize that advanced SEO techniques take more time and finesse than your standard search engine optimization practices. These mechanisms require taking a closer look at the methods you’re familiar with[…]

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Tumblr SEO: What’s a Rebagel, Anyway?

Hear us out: Tumblr gets written off pretty easily when it comes to marketing. Over 40% of the platform’s users are age 18-24, and Tumblr is a notorious proving ground for anyone with a controversial socio-political message. It’s also a platform younger women use a lot, and we tend to write “girl stuff” off as frivolous,[…]

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OffPage SEO Basics: Foundations and Basic Strategies

OffPage SEO (search engine optimization; AKA Off-Page SEO) is all about the actions beyond your own website that can help your page rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). First things first: Let’s clarify that OffPage SEO involves two major components: link building and social media. In general, these two components are pretty basic[…]

Want to Hire a Local SEO Expert? Ask These Questions

Hey. Hey you. It’s now-o’-clock local SEO time.

If you’re ready to expand and fine-tune your marketing practices, you already know about the value of SEO (search engine optimization) and what a local SEO expert can do to help your brand become visible for local searches. If you Google your city plus “SEO expert,” you’ve probably got a lot of options, and most of them are likely all about custom pricing.

Okay, sure, but how can you evaluate these self-proclaimed experts?


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Cost-Effective SEO: How to Deploy SEO without Breaking the Bank

Whether you own your own business or report to a marketing manager or CEO, you clearly understand the importance of ROI (return on investment). You also know it’s essential to be findable online, and that requires some solid SEO (search engine optimization) work. Proving the ROI of SEO is necessary and valuable, but thanks to[…]

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SEO Jargon 101: SEO Speak Demystified

If you’ve taken a peek into the importance of digital marketing and SEO, you’ve probably found yourself bombarded with a variety of confusing terminology. SEO jargon is a real problem, and from podcasts to sales calls to marketing blogs, many marketers fail to redefine the simplest terms for new readers. SEO Jargon and You We[…]

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Going, Going, Gone: 10 Signs You Should Outsource Your SEO

If you’re like most business owners or in-house marketers, you’ve probably read up on digital marketing. Obviously, right? There are many basic digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies you can enact to help your site rank on Google—and hopefully, you’ve tried some. We hope you’ve had some success. Whether you’re still feeling hopeless[…]