SEO for Nonprofits: Generating Better Focus for Greater Good

This probably won’t be a huge shocker, but here it goes: SEO is a necessary part of increasing awareness of your organization, your mission, and donations. Despite being an essential part of promoting your nonprofit organization, it can seem intimidating, but nah, it’s not (especially with the right help). Understanding SEO for nonprofits is your[…]


Twitter SEO: Beyond #Hashtags

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hall-e-lu-jah! Lo, they did rejoice!

Hear that? That was the sound of Twitter users rejoicing last year when the social media platform announced that it was upping its longtime character limit from 140 to 280 characters, making things a little easier for the verbosely challenged.

All subtle barbs aside, it was a struggle to write informative, helpful, and engaging messages in 140 characters all while also trying to also include #hashtags, AKA keywords. We don’t blame you if SEO was often and even unintentionally punted as far as tweets were concerned.


Yext: Your New Special Agent of Directories

The internet is a crowded space. Standing out online can be a challenge for any business that doesn’t dominate it’s space. As you might have guessed by our fondness and the constant mentions, embracing SEO is crucial to the success of your organization. But let’s be honest, trying to play Google’s game is maddening. It’s[…]

Excited about Grammarly Review

Dominate with Grammarly: Our Review of a Must-Have Writing Tool

Grammar. You know, that thing you sort of know about and how to do it correctly, but you don’t know why it’s correct or wrong, but it is? Yeah, that.

Proper grammar is vital for digital marketing and the content on your website. And just because we’re rebels, we’re going to

See what we did there? Pretty clever, eh?



No Crowns Necessary: 11 Top Royalty Free Images Sites

We know you don’t have time and you just need pictures for your blogs. No one wants to read a blog if it doesn’t have images to reclaim their attention at some point. You know, The “Ooh, shiny!” Effect.  You need cheap or free and quality images because you’re small business and not rolling in big[…]


SEM vs SEO: What’s the Difference?

In digital marketing, we often talk about SEM vs. SEO. Both types of marketing involve showing up online: being seen in front of your prospective customers and becoming at the top of their mind. But what are SEO and SEM, and what’s the difference? We’ll take a look at SEM vs. SEO, what sets them[…]


Semantic Search 101: The What and The Why

We know, we know. Not another What You Need to Know about SEO article, right? Right. Penguin algorithm, old content to new content, Mom’s pie, etc. You name it and we’ve covered it. We already know that as a professional, you know a LOT. Unfortunately, we’re about to burst your “Please, no more, I already know too[…]

marketing tools to help businesses

Marketing Tools To Help Your Business

Being an entrepreneur takes some chops. You have to overcome fear and take risks into the unknown. The average person doesn’t have the necessities to pursue their dreams. Now that you have made the step to live your dream, what are you doing to secure your business success? Naively, some business owners either neglect or[…]