Keyword planners

Ahrefs vs UberSuggest vs Google Keyword Planner

“Build it, and they will come.” Except you’re not Kevin Costner building your Field of Dreams, and your customers are not scepters of former baseball legends. Still though, if you are building something, your “they” will come. You are an entrepreneur (or fellow SEO nutbag like us) and you want to get your site (or[…]

9 pictures of trump with lots of color

5 Ways to Use “Trump” to Rank Your Blog

Trump has sent shock waves through the country. If you haven’t noticed the cry-ins (yes, cry-ins) or the gloating from the right, you’re clearly not paying attention. I know, I know- politics aren’t your thing, and we certainly shouldn’t be talking about it on this platform. This isn’t even a political post because we like[…]