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Understanding and Using Search Intent to Your Advantage

Why do we search for stuff on Google? Looking beyond the use of keywords, search intent (sometimes called “keyword intent”) answers this question. It’s all about why you do what you do. As you can imagine, determining search intent is more nuanced and complicated than merely looking at a list of keywords. As search engine[…]

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Ranking Signals: The What, Why, and How

Ranking signals (also called ranking factors) are part of Google’s deep, dark secret. Gasp! It’s more like a mystery: Google’s algorithm. This constantly evolving mechanism is so specialized that it’s even teaching itself. But like Skynet, Google’s algorithm has goals, reasons, and indications. Through the science of ranking signals (and documentation, presentations, and best practices[…]

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The E-A-T Effect: What Is This, A Diner?

Before we get into what acronyms like EAT and YMYL even stand for (since the SEO community practically collects acronyms like Pokemon), let’s discuss the nature of this update itself. “This has probably been the most confusing update I have ever seen in the SEO industry. It has people arguing over names, niches and effects[…]

6 Hidden Reasons Your Site Won’t Rank in Google

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it seems like you can’t rank your site in Google. As far as you know, you’re doing everything right. We know how it is—after all that hard work and content spend, it can feel like quite a waste. Before you fight Google, let’s take a closer look—there could[…]

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Disavowing Links: What You Should Know

Bad news. Ish. But it’s only temporarily bad: since Google aims to make an organic internet that actually connects people with the information they need in a natural way, it also penalizes websites linked to by spammy sites. That’s right–even if you’re following all the rules of the almighty Google information superhighway, someone else’s website[…]

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Fixing Google Manual Action: Pure Spam

Time to slide on into home with our continued discussion of Google Manual Actions. Today’s Google Manual Action is (drumroll please)… Pure Spam! Nah, not the (either cherished or feared) tinned mystery meat, but loathsome and often malicious material. Google Manual Action: Pure Spam Google Manual Action? If you’re only now tuning into this series[…]

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Fixing Google Manual Action: Hacked Site

Sonofa… seriously? I’ve been hacked? Receive a message about a hacked site penalty from Google? If so, you’re probably wondering what it means. Well, no other way to say this, so: someone is hacking or has hacked your website. Regardless, don’t panic; there are recovery options. As we’ve discussed in this series (see links at[…]

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Fixing Google Manual Action: Cloaking and Sneaky Redirects

Damn. Links can be tricky AF. See Google Manual Action: Unnatural Links To Your Site and Google Manual Action: Unnatural Links From Your Site if you don’t believe us. So you get an email from Google saying that your website is in violation of their webmaster quality guidelines for something called “cloaking.” For what now?[…]

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Fixing Google Manual Action: Unnatural Links to Your Site

Yesterday, we covered unnatural links from your site. Spoiler alert: today we’re discussing unnatural links on someone else’s site that link to your site. Yep, you really can get jacked up by Google for that.  As you should also know by now, there is a list of rules you’ve got to follow for Google to include[…]