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Headdesk: How to Create Blog Topics When You’re Fresh Out

The blank page mocks you. Look at that cocky bastard. Maybe you don’t have a plan. Maybe you’ve been blogging for years, and you’re out of topics because you’ve already recycled your recycled topics. We get it: you need to know how to find blog topics your customers love and how to keep your content[…]

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Conversion Theory: 8 Facts About Blogs That Convert Readers Into Customers

Are you ready to create a blog that turns fans into buyers? Welp, we hope so for obvious reasons. It’s a win for everyone—your fans and readers get the information they need, but they also support you by making a purchase or taking their next step in the journey to do so. Let’s take a[…]


Guest Blogging: Is It Still a Valid SEO Strategy?

A few years ago, guest blogging was all the rage, but it soon fell out of fashion. What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is when you publish a blog on someone else’s site. Usually that person or business allows you to include a link to your own social media and services. That link has SEO[…]