Raven Tools: The Latest in All-In-One SEO Software

Hey there, Smart Stuff. If you’re on this site, chances are you’re always searching for the latest technological tools to kick your online business up a notch. This can require a multitude of different tools to achieve the results you’re looking for. Wouldn’t it be an incredible invention to have all of the tools you[…]


No Crowns Necessary: 11 Top Royalty Free Images Sites

We know you don’t have time and you just need pictures for your blogs. No one wants to read a blog if it doesn’t have images to reclaim their attention at some point. You know, The “Ooh, shiny!” Effect.  You need cheap or free and quality images because you’re small business and not rolling in big[…]


Industry News: Welcome Back, Google Business Description!

In August of 2016, Google made the decision to remove the ability to add or alter a business’ “Business Description” section in their Google My Business (GMB) utility. Following the changes, the only location where the business’ description would continue exist as editable or changeable was on that business’ Google+ account. These changes (well, removals,[…]


Unparalleled: The Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2018

Welp, we are officially done with a quarter of 2018! Welcome to April and thus another quarter of the fiscal year. We’re gonna do you a solid and ask a ridiculously important question: How’s your marketing going? As a business owner, you are (hopefully) always looking for ways to promote your business, increase your success[…]


Knowledgeable: Google’s Knowledge Panel and Your Business

Behind every successful company is a hardworking business owner. You, in this case. Or maybe you’re not the owner, but you’ve helped contribute to small business success. As business owner or contributor, you know you must fight your way to the first page of Google’s search results. We know that top SEO keywords are how[…]

Adwords Express

Adwords Express: Ads in the Express Lane

If you’ve read much about SEO or any of the topics we’ve covered, it’s probably fairly obvious that Google is central to most SEO processes and decisions. In other words, when Google makes an announcement or a decision related to how they rank websites, our industry tends to listen. That’s not to say Google is[…]

Brand Build 2.0: Five Ways to Build Trust in Your Brand

Do you ever shop on Amazon.com? You’re right. Silly question. When shopping there, do ever feel like they are reading your mind or spying on you? They know what you need before you know you need said thingamajig. They know what you like and make suggestions you didn’t even think you needed, but end up[…]


Know Your Value: Domain Names as Digital Real Estate

Here’s probably somewhat of an obvious statement, but it deserves reiterating so we’ll say it: if you’ve got a business, you’ve got assets. When it comes to your business assets, you probably already have quite the inventory. Depending on the niche of your business, this can be an extensive inventory that includes properties, vehicles you[…]

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4 Extra Perks You get When You’re Part of our Community

The other night I had just sat down to the table for dinner- I made this homemade chicken noodle soup because we had all been sick (and it was so yummy).  We have, of course, a strict “no device” rule for the table, but I could not un-see that my phone was blowing up through[…]