SEO vs Conventional Marketing Tactics & Why SEO Works

door to door salesman

The other day, while packing up my house for our big move back to Eugene Oregon– a middle-aged man came knocking on my door. In his hand, he had some brochures, fliers, and a pen. He had on a suit, despite the 90-degree weather. I paused as I saw him walking up the porch and for a moment thought about hiding and not answering. I had a lot to do and didn’t feel like listening to his pitch something I didn’t even need. However, I have this weird heart for door to door salespeople because it just takes courage to get out there, and I respect that. So, I eagerly waited for the knock and opened the door and listened.

Mr. Salesman was offering life insurance. It was the end of the day, and he had gone door to door since the morning, and I was his last stop. Sadly for him we weren’t looking nor needing what he was selling. As he pitched the importance of life insurance, and all the specials they were going, and the “what if” fear tactics they use (If you need some better sales tactics check here.), I couldn’t help but just see the irony before me.

You see- Mr. Salesman is your traditional marketing (how we older folks advertised and got the word out). It’s a shot in the dark. It’s closing your eyes, spinning in a circle and shooting, just hoping a deer happens to hop in your line of fire.

And me, well, I was SEO, literally and figuratively. There to my door came a person that clearly needed my services. There I was carrying on with my day and list of to do’s and, “knock knock.” I wasn’t walking around looking for clients, and I wasn’t even really thinking about work, to be honest. But like magic, there plopped someone who needed what I offered.

After I let Mr. Salesman offers his pitch, I then asked him if he was hot, and how long he had been out there. “All day,” he replied. I, of course, asked him if he had a website I could visit and not to my surprise, he answered, “No Ma’am.” Of course, as any business minded women and entrepreneur would do, I began educating him on the importance of not only a website, but a strong SEO campaign. I asked if he knew a few things and he did not, so I wanted to share them here for you.

1. Did you know that instead of going door to door hoping someone in the town needs what your company offers, you can make your online advertising so precise and exact that your ads and website will pop up on people’s internet that has been actively looking for the very thing you have?

It’s true! As annoying as those ads can be for us consumers, they are worth it and incredibly useful. A strong SEO campaign brings people to you that want what you have. I would say it’s magic, but it’s not. It’s what we do for you when we run an online marketing campaign for your business. We bring people to your digital door, asking to give you money for your product or service.

2. Did you know that we can even tell when they are closer to the purchasing stage of the process, based off how long and exact their keyword searches become?

Yeah, this is true too. It’s borderline creepy, but also just genius. We’ve yet to have a client complain, though. When you’re able, as a business owner, to target such a specific audience, you’re going to see results where it matters- the pocket book.

3. And did you know that we can rank your business website using those keywords?

That means that someone that has been researching life insurance and narrowing it down to what they want will be sent directly to you and your website. You could be playing in the yard with the kids instead of going door to door. Think of the time that saves you, and like we all say, “time is money.”

4. Finally, did you know we can rank you for multiple keywords in many locations?

The internet has completely changed how people do business, and how marketing agencies advertise. Real estate is no longer just a building or piece of land with dirt, but a name and a spot on the internet. When you’re ranking at the top of Google, you own the prime spot for real estate in that market. And you can do all of this from the comfort of your home, your main office, or the beach. Really- wherever you want to be.

As I proceeded to tell all this to my new friend, Mr. Salesman’s eyes got big, and he looked a bit shocked, and I must say, a bit impressed. He proceeded to tell me that he knew a website was important, he had no clue how important it was, and how much more precise and efficient online marketing was. I could see the wheels turning as he ended his day, pondering the time he spent walking from door to door. While I admired the devotion and guts, it was hard to see someone so motivated to use all their energy for little to no results.

I got Mr. Salesmen’s number, and of course, will be contacting him, but as my client and not his.

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