SEO for Nonprofits: Generating Better Focus for Greater Good

This probably won’t be a huge shocker, but here it goes: SEO is a necessary part of increasing awareness of your organization, your mission, and donations. Despite being an essential part of promoting your nonprofit organization, it can seem intimidating, but nah, it’s not (especially with the right help). Understanding SEO for nonprofits is your key to getting your cause a significant amount of attention without having to spend a substantial portion of your time gaining it.

As you know we love to discuss, SEO focuses more on how a machine reads our content versus real life human beings. Hence why it can seem a tad nerve-wracking to create content that our BFF Google will like and show to users seeking out topics related your organization.

SEO for your nonprofit institution doesn’t have to send you into a panic attack, especially with us on call. We’re gonna help you out. Here are some of our most useful tips to increase your online awareness, generate more donations, and slow your heart rate down a bit (although we’re not doctors and you might need that checked out, too).

Create Content With Meaning


For your content to generate attention, it must have a purpose and a message that is relevant to your audience. If you create captivating content consistently, interested and invigorated parties begin to read and share your articles and thus site more and more. SEO aids you in getting your content into the hands (or onto screens) of your readers. What it can’t do is produce oh-so-mind-blowing articles and blog posts. That’s where your genius writing skills come in, of course.

The steps that Google is taking are telling us to stop using strategies and techniques to rank better. Instead, shift your focus to creating compelling content that engages your readers in a real and motivated way. When you do this, everyone meets their goals. As we are wont to say: cha-ching.

So: meaningful content. Huh? How? How do you do that and what should your content be about? Well, try these to start. You can increase traffic to your site by creating relevant and useful posts about:

  • Partnerships
  • Fascinating stories about your constituents
  • News about your cause
  • Past, current, and recent fundraising efforts
  • Data and reports
  • The culture, management, and finances of your organization

The quality and credibility of your content is the cornerstone of raising online awareness about your cause, organization, and donations. 



Researching keywords can take some time. We know, we know: tick tock, tick tock. Even with the help of all the tools on the market that help you determine which keywords are best, it can be long (but worthwhile and even necessary) process.

Every time you use a search engine such as Google, you gain essential knowledge about SEO research. There are three questions you can ask yourself to help you determine the best keywords to use based on the results of your search. While looking at what the query produced ask yourself:

  1. What did you search for?
  2. What do you see?
  3. What does this mean for that particular search?

The answers to those questions can help you determine how to structure your content. You know, insight into what combination of keywords in your search query produced the most useful results.

Think about what words an average person would use to search your topic. They’re not going to enter a high tech term. Make your keywords simple and common phrases. Thinking this way will make deciding which keywords are best to use for your content more accessible.



Adding both reliable internal and external links to your post are great ways to boost your SEO. If you have content that you’ve created in the past, then mention it in your current post via a link. This also helps to validate the meaning of your words, which is another item search engines look into.



Now that you know what you should write about to improve your rankings, you can optimize your content in no time. If you use WordPress, take advantage of the Yoast plugin. If not, that’s okay. We’ll let it slide. Probably

Anyway, there are several things you can check regarding your posts to ensure better optimization:

  • Title Tag: Add keywords to your title tag.
  • Image ALT Tag: Including keywords here will help search engines recognize the image.
  • Keyword Density: Fill your posts with keywords. Try to put them as close to the beginning of your content as possible.
  • Page Content: Create high-quality, dynamic content that is useful to your readers.
  • Page URL: Make sure your keywords or key phrases are included in your URL as close to the beginning as possible.
  • Image File Name: Similar to your Image ALT tag, add keywords here to boost your content.
  • Meta Description: Be sure to incorporate keywords into your meta description.

With this checklist, optimizing your posts should be a damned breeze.



Are you aware that in addition to being the king of search engines that Google has a social network? We mean, you probably are, but to reiterate, use it. While Google+ it doesn’t receive as much recognition as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is something that organizations like yours need consider.

Google+ depends on the number of circles you are a part of and how many people follow you to improve your rankings on the search results page. Posting by itself on Google+ doesn’t improve your rank, though. Life would never be so easy. Ha.

Make sure you make valuable connections with leaders, fellow nonprofit organizations, news outlets and staff, and relevant authority figures in your sector. The bigger the web that you weave on this platform, the more you increase your chances of connecting with someone that will come across your organization’s content on the search results page.

At worst, you meet new people that can benefit your organization or vice versa.

Dive Into SEO

Learning more about SEO for your nonprofit organization never hurts.

Research and absorb as much as you can about this topic. The information you acquire can aid you in increasing awareness about your cause, what your organization does, and donations. Continue to do everything you’re doing through greater internet visibility.

Increasing your nonprofit organization’s ranking through SEO research doesn’t have to be a headache you think it is. The tips above are catalysts in raising awareness for your cause and increasing donations through online platforms. Use them and put the Tylenol down. Save it for worse things.

If you’re looking for more information about SEO, we can absolutely help you. We are a digital marketing agency with over 30 years of combined experience in search engine optimization. We want to see your nonprofit’s donations increase along with awareness about your cause. Partner with us to see your content reach screens far and wide.

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