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Quack, Quack: DuckDuckGo Search Engine and SEO Strategy

Guess what? If your website is only optimized for Google search analytics, you’re not reaching potential customers who use alternate search engines to find information on the web. Although Google has a whopping 72.54% of the search engine market, that still leaves another 25-28% of people—millions of them—who use another browser. A relatively new player[…]

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Geotagging and SEO: How Your Location Matters

Getting your business to appear on the first page of results for internet searches is not only an ongoing challenge, but truly a Darwinian survival of the fittest competition among businesses in your industry and locale. Google, Yahoo, and Bing use different methods and proprietary algorithms to determine which websites they serve to searchers, and[…]

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Innovation and Intuition: SERPBook Review

We bet you’ve probably searched and searched for the perfect SEO tool for tracking, right? We’re just guessing you have because we know we have. In fact, you might even be scratching your head and wondering which one would work out best in the end and perhaps hoping you find one without all of the[…]

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Understanding and Using Search Intent to Your Advantage

Why do we search for stuff on Google? Looking beyond the use of keywords, search intent (sometimes called “keyword intent”) answers this question. It’s all about why you do what you do. As you can imagine, determining search intent is more nuanced and complicated than merely looking at a list of keywords. As search engine[…]

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Our Top Five High Impact Ranking Signals for 2018

We talk about SEO (search engine optimization). We talk about SEO a lot, as you’re probably aware if you’ve either explored the site or maybe read some of our other articles. As we tend to harp on, SEO is not a static art. The most- and best-optimized SEO is derived from diligence, research, knowledge, and[…]

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Harnessing Inbound Marketing for Better SEO

Improving SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial goal for many business owners. Better SEO helps you get found on the internet, mainly when people search for you on Google or other search engines. You can accomplish this with tried, true, and Google-approved methods, like organic link building, researching and including keywords in your[…]

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Top Ecommerce SEO Trends You Should Note in 2018

Simply stated, ecommerce is online selling and purchasing. You likely already had that knowledge under your belt, though. If not, consider this our freebie to you. In fact, if you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization, or SEO, you’re likely already involved in ecommerce. You probably sell services or items online and growing your[…]

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13 Steps to More Advanced SEO

Hey! You’re back! Looking for more tips? Maybe ready for some advanced SEO? Aw, yeah. We got you. In advance (pun intended), it’s helpful to realize that advanced SEO techniques take more time and finesse than your standard search engine optimization practices. These mechanisms require taking a closer look at the methods you’re familiar with[…]

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Additional Aspects: Other Pieces to the OnPage SEO Puzzle

“Lesser aspects?” What is this, a Tarot reading? No, but we can ~mystically~ tell you that your future is SEO-heavy should you carry on reading this. You should, really. You’ve likely made it through our other articles, including the latest on the “main” aspects of OnPage SEO. If nothing else, we at least have some[…]

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OnPage SEO Basics: Foundations and Basic Strategies

Are we not already “on the page?” What exactly do you mean “OnPage?” An astute point, but no, we’re not already on the page: merely visiting a website is not exactly what is meant by “OnPage SEO.” “OnPage” means what it sounds like, though: it’s SEO that deals within the content, copy, and pages of[…]