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Pinterest isn’t for everyone, but it also isn’t a waste of time. Well, other than those 3AM sessions that are about 6 hours long. Been there, done that. But especially if you have a niche following, Pinterest could be the social media platform you’re missing out on the most. Further, you can zazz up your Pinterest SEO so you’re not missing higher rankings.

But let’s first discuss Pinterest a bit. As diligently gathered by SearchEngineJournal, here are the most awe-inspiring stats for Pinterest:

That’s definitely not nothing. Those numbers should hopefully compel you to rethink where your company stands on Pinterest. If you don’t have it now and think it’s right for your brand, you should go set up an account. Make sure you set up a business account, too. Here’s a tutorial from Pinterest if you need help getting settled in.

Pinterest SEO: More than Just Solid Pins

So now what? You’ve got the account ready to go. What happens next? Well, here are our suggestions.

1 – Understand Pins

Pin it!

No, really.

Much like Facebook has posts, Pinterest has pins. It’s kinda the site’s “currency.” Here’s what you should remember when creating new pins:

  • Don’t make meaningless posts. Your audience won’t be pleased, it’s likely to get very few repins and, honestly, you can do better. Know what your audience is looking for and cater to what you think they are most likely to repin or interact with.
  • Size matters. 600px wide by 900px high is the optimized size for image associated with pins. If you’re not staying within this 2:3 ratio, you’re not only to get odd looks and disparity associated with your pins, but you’re likely going to miss out on all of those mobile users. 80%, remember? That’s not okay to ignore.
  • Be colorful. Literally. According to a Groupon article about driving Pinterest sales, it’s been revealed that pins that have multiple colors are 3.25x more likely to get repins and interactions.
  • Use rich pins. Rich pins are images that have additional information about them. The five types include recipe, movie, product, place, and article. These rich pins stand out much more vibrantly to viewers and provide a higher likelihood that they’ll click on your pin. This pin type provides space for items such as prices, descriptions, and headlines that can be transposed your main website. Pinterest also just seems to prefer rich pins over regular pins.

2 – Sell, Sell, Sell

Use your pins to sell products. Straight up just do it. Create pins to items you’re selling and watch your sales flourish.

In a recent Pinterest study, it was found that 87% of those using Pinterest (“Pinners”) purchased an item or service as a result of Pinterest. In that same study, 93% said they also use Pinterest to making purchasing plans in advance.

When preparing to sell, bear in mind the following:

  • Know your clientele. Again, knowing who is likely to be browsing on Pinterest looking for your items should cater to your people.
  • Use Topics. Search by categories and beyond. With the knowledge gained from browsing topics related to your merchandise or services, you’ll have a better idea of what’s being searched for and what keywords to target. Or, even better yet, you could additionally use your findings to create more content for your site. Topics is often overlooked and underused. Be the rising underdog that turns this feature into gold.
  • Make sure you’ve got the fundamentals down. Until you’ve done enough research to feel confident in working with Pinterest, don’t create pins or posts. Watch tutorials, read articles, whatever you have to do. Like all social media platforms, while similar to the rest, Pinterest still has its own set of rules, niches, and charms.
    • Fundamentals include understanding the following:
      • Are you using a business account? Good.
      • Is your name relevant and closely related to your business name? Badass. No need for irrelevant numbers and underscores where they aren’t needed, after all.
      • Descriptiveness matters on Pinterest. Include details with your images that also describe the image. Remember: 500 characters or less.
      • Get verified. An easy act that correlates to business and customer mutual trust.
      • Act as if Pinterest was normal SEO. Your profile is vitally important to a SERP (search engine result pages)’s ranking outcome. Google and algorithms are looking for a concise About You section with relevant, accurate information such as website and contact information. Viewers are also looking for this information, but additionally seeking out crisp and clean graphics that clearly delineates who you are opposed to other businesses.
      • Make sure your Pinterest account is easy to find. Clearly link your Pinterest account to your standard website in a location that makes sense and is rather obvious. You can almost never be too obvious.
  • Don’t forget to use tags when pinning. Tags, like in many other aspects of the online world, reflect categories that your specific pin would fit into. Here’s Pinterest’s own guide to creating tags.

3 – Bored? Boards.

Image of colorful sticky notes on cork bulletin board

Like this, but more logically.

Have a moment? You should work on setting up functional boards for your viewers! Boards are best optimized by doing your Topic research first so you can gain stronger insight on your audience’s preferences. After you’ve obtained the keywords you think suit your trade best, create a Board, or collection of pins.

Trends are where to exist in the Board world. Where some create boards based on collections such as apparel for fall, if you are a shoe company, you might create a Board that’s “Better Organization for Shoes” (yes, we’re on our shoe kick again). Skirt the topic successfully by sticking to the trends you’ve observed throughout Pinterest and in your other keyword research.

4 – Go New or Go Home

Girl is browsing Pinterest on her MacBook Air

One of the most marvelous ways to continue to adjust to and identify user needs and wants is by using new Pinterest features new to 2018. They include:

Like all social media platforms, Pinterest is constantly seeking out more promising ways to fulfill user needs. These newer functions can aid you in what you’re looking for and, in general, help you feel more at home using Pinterest. For more on each topic, click the corresponding link.

The more that you use and understand on Pinterest, the more your Pinterest SEO can flourish. These tools can help.

5 – Enable Search Engine Visibility

This is a short one but absolutely, wholeheartedly deserves its own number.

If you have Search Privacy turned off, your entire SEO efforts are for naught. NAUGHT.

Here’s how you can double check that you’ve got the setting correct:

Pinterest > Account Basics > Search Privacy. Make sure it is clicked OFF. If it is on, your Pinterest is hidden from search engines. Womp, womp.

6 – It’s Always About You

Keywords written on a keyboard's enter key

Clickity click!

We discussed the vitality of a cohesive and to-the-point About Us page, but we should probably expand. Be catchy with those 200 characters you get. Be crafty, but be useful. Your information is valuable not only to clients but search engines here. That’s not all, though.

Keywords. Here is a good place to add relevant keywords (that you’ve hopefully already picked out and searched for). This reigns true also for your boards. Clever is the name of the game, but success is best achieved by relevant keywords.

Whether you’re a Pinterest aficionado or just an occasional browser, you should consider converting your brand to a winning side, especially if you’re niche. Deploy these tips and your odds of increasing better brand visibility, including by SERP rank, have increased. That’s the ticket, friend. That’s the ticket.

Dominate With Us

If you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the social media platforms and understanding which would be most beneficial for your company, guess what? We’ve got your answers. With a cumulative of decades of experience in the field, we’re ready to be your cohorts on any version of an SEO adventure. Let us show you where you could more successfully reign in your trade. Contact us today! Let’s get started on the path to dominating your competition.

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