What the Penguin 4.0 Launch Means for Your Business

Penguin Update.  Algorithm Change.  Those two words inflict fear and panic among the SEO and webmaster communities.  Just when we SEO and webmaster nerds think we’ve got this thing down, Google has to change it all and make some of us scramble.  Unless, of course, you’re us- the SEO Agency that’s always a step ahead of Google.  Yeah, that’s a pretty big claim so we’ll get to the proof.  The graph below, that’s one of our clients during the launch of this new Penguin 4.0 algorithm update.

Google Algorithm Change Makes Us Stronger

Here’s another

penguin 4.0 update

And another

google penguin update 4.0

We also just got off the phone with a businessman who woke up this morning to a penalized site.  You guys- before we dig into the details of this Penguin update, please hear this.  If you take in one thing from this blog take this in:

This update and the results that followed are why it’s so incredibly important to find an SEO team that knows what they are doing.  You HAVE to pick a solid team with success to back up their claims.  If we learned one thing in the past few hours it’s that here at Dominate with SEO, all our efforts in studying trends and the market and how Google operates things has paid off.  We’ve learned that reading every piece of information we can get our hands on, is worth it. We take our job very seriously.  This is not a game- this is your business at stake. This is your blood sweat and tears on the line.  You cannot afford to lose your ranking overnight because your marketing agency didn’t do their homework.

Now- let’s get to the algorithm, The Penguin version 4.0.  Essentially what this algorithm update is, is a way for Google to crawl websites and flag, or penalize, spammy sites with spammy links.  Before this update- if your site had backlinks to it that were of the spam nature, your entire domain would be flagged, or even worse, penalized. At this time, Google only ran the update once every few years- so if you got penalized by a previous penguin update you had to wait for the next update of the Penguin to see the changes you made and put your site back on.  The last update was 700 days ago. Can you imagine having your businesses website penalized for 700 days? Might as well start over.

Now, however, Google will continuously run this penguin algorithm meaning that updates and changes can and will happen as quickly as sites can get indexed or crawled by Google. This can serve as a benefit because it now means that we can give our customers results faster, but it also means that companies who choose a bad seo agency to work with will be penalized faster (SEO used to be a painstakingly slow process). Plus, entire domains will no longer be penalized but instead just pages.  So if you have a pretty bad backlink, it will affect the page that’s connected to it and not the entire site.  However, if your entire websites ranking or income rests on that page, this isn’t good. Just another reason our team likes to raise entire domains. Let’s not put all our eggs in one basket.

Also with Penguin 4.0 we are noticing that the type of anchor text used to link to your site is incredibly important.  If you’re over optimized and always using the same anchor text, Google is likely to penalize you next.  The good news is, once you make the changes and fix the problem- you don’t have to wait for another update launch.  It’s continuously happening all the time.

So- what does this mean for you- the average business owner? It means that you need to have high-quality backlinks, and a high quality and experienced SEO team running your online marketing campaigns.  It means that if you hired the cheapest company out there that outsources (and therefore never has control over the backlinks etc.) then, your site probably has dropped or even worse been panelized in the past few days.

However, if you’re one of the smart ones and picked a good team (ahem, us)- then your site has been steadily climbing (if not skyrocketing).  So thank you, thank you for trusting us!

Now- if you’re nerdy (like us) and want a more in-depth explanation of Penguin 4.0, you can go here for a more thorough explanation.  Of course, we suggest you just leave the job to us and take care of all those new customers you’re getting.

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