November 15, 2017

Jennifer Pawlowski

Jennifer PawloskiOriginally from Willmar, Minnesota Jennifer now calls Minneapolis, Minnesota home. Jennifer Pawlowski is not new to the business field. Prior to working at Dominate with SEO, Jennifer began working for an optical company and quickly became General Manager, earning her respect among the business community.

Jennifer also has extensive social media experience. Jennifer has specialized in developing creative social media marketing strategies designed to not only spread the message but more importantly to engage the client’s potential customers. She took social media management to the next level by personally working hand in hand with her curated clients to ensure that their social media efforts are customized, unique and highly effective.

After taking a break from the business world for a couple of years, following her marriage and a growing family, Jennifer began to feel that nudge to return to the workforce. With her grit and entrepreneurial spirit, Jennifer founded a fundraising company which supported hospitals, homeless shelters, and artists.

Jennifer enjoys guns, golf, and hockey. She can typically be found at her children’s various sporting events; enthusiastically cheering from the sidelines. Jennifer loves to travel; the Virgin Islands are a favorite of hers. She enjoys the crisp, clear water, and beautiful, clean white sandy beaches; untouched by mass tourism.

Jennifer’s favorite quote is: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”- Thomas Edison.