Eddy Bautista


Eddy Bautista joins Dominate with SEO from McAllen, Texas. He brings 4 years of experience in web development and 2 years in SEO. He is, in our opinion, a freaking genius when it comes to web development. We love what he’s done so far and cannot wait to see what else he’s got up his sleeve.

In his “spare” time, Eddy is also a photographer, cinematographer, graphic designer, marketer, and a Corel Draw Consultant. If that’s not enough, Eddy also took courses in college to become a certified leader (He just turned 19 too!), something we are particularly excited about and thankful for. Did we mention he’s bilingual? So we can now support the Spanish-speaking market better than before and hopefully better than any other agency.

When Eddy is not constantly overachieving in life and work, he likes eating Taco’s, wrestling, spending time with his family, playing in a mariachi band and also making Sam and Beth laugh. He’s been great to work with, and we’re thankful he’s a part of the Dominate with SEO team.