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Being an entrepreneur takes some chops. You have to overcome fear and take risks into the unknown. The average person doesn’t have the necessities to pursue their dreams. Now that you have made the step to live your dream, what are you doing to secure your business success? Naively, some business owners either neglect or mismanage their digital marketing. An example of exceptional digital marketing is the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Let’s be clear; this isn’t a political article. We might be biased to believe the only conspiracy is how the powers-that-be achieved the outcome of the election. The exquisite electronic-marketing is what won the election, though. Of course, we have an opinion, but that’s none of your business. Let’s discuss how you can dominate and become an influencer in your niche.

The Trump campaign should not have pulled out to be a front-runner. The Republican nominee didn’t have the plethora of donors the rest of his party had to fund his campaign. Trump’s lack of political experience and his antics had backers scared to support him. Hillary was thought to be a sure winner. She had the political background, funding, and knew precisely how to immobilize an epic campaign. What Hillary didn’t have was the latest in digital marketing. She trusted her old bag of tricks more than she relied on the robust outcomes of online marketing. How does Hillary’s loss apply to your business?

Hilary and trump
Don’t become a casualty of your competitor activating customers you didn’t even know existed or absorbing your organic market. If you don’t implement an efficient web-marketing strategy for your business, you won’t know who, what, or why your followers would take action. You could find yourself blindsided if you don’t make internet-marketing a priority.

To get your feet wet, we have created a list of some of some user-friendly applications to use as you build your strategy to establish an online presence for your industry.

Marketing Tools

Google Analytics

To have the best outcome for your website, you need to evaluate data. Google analytics removes the intimidation of “where do you start?” Google analytics knows what information to quantify and how to present it for it to make sense, allowing you to use the information to improve.


Helps you build an email campaign to grow your audience, retain customers, and be the welcome wagon to new subscribers.


Has a bounty of features to get you in the groove of online marketing. To be effective, you need to diversify your online presence. Web-Marketing can be a bit to manage if you are new to all the search engine optimization (SEO) jargon. Hubspot can get you started on your journey to being competent.

All in one SEO

A hearty free plugin to add to your WordPress site. It has several core functions, feature manager, social META,  XML sitemap, and performance.  It has some built-in nonce security features so you there is some cryptography attached to an arbitrary number for authentication. Another necessary tool is application program interface used to interact with graphical protocols. There is also a helpful support forum to learn the all the uses to improve your online marketing. Here’s the bottom line I can get all geeky for you and go on about all the bells and whistles of this plug-in. All in One SEO is a widely used SEO tool, so there are tons of resources online of how to use it, plus it’s free. What have you got to lose?


All in one seo plugin options


Makes use of behavior to understand better and predict so you can engage customers over the course of time.


You can find search Twitter Bios and compare twitter accounts. You can also analyze followers by demographics and additional attributes. Plus, they provide you with comparisons for your friends and rivals.


By entering a domain address, you can search shared content for any topic. By using this tool, you can find out who the influencers are on specific issues. You will know what is working and causing traffic.


Manage all your social media content in one location. It includes features, scheduling, finding, reporting, and managing on social media.


Canva is an excellent tool for that professional eye candy on your social media. You can use free or paid images, then format for an attractive, polished finish. Here is a list of templates you can generate for your needs such as:


  • Marketing Materials
  • Blogs & eBooks
  • Ads
  • Social Media & Email Headers: SoundCloud, LinkedIn Banner, Twitch Banner, Facebook Cover, Email Header, Etsy Shop Icon, Etsy Shop Cover, Google+Header, Twitter Header, YouTube Channel Art, Tumbler Banner, YouTube Thumbnail, Facebook Event Cover
  • Documents
  • Events: Postcards, Invitations, Cards, Tags, Programs, Announcements


This application takes engineering your web page to the next level. You get to launch the idea and see the customers immediate response by using a few tools. There are four key features:

  • Editore: test before sending it to your developers and gives you the ability to make changes before they are official. You will see how it affects your customer movement and overall business
  • A/B Tests: Check what idea will be most effective. Conversion tracking to test results. You will have two live versions presented to x and y customers, the productive page will consistently receive more traffic.
  • Snapshots: You will see what functions of your website are useful and what is not. Then you can clean up non-essential items.
  • Recordings: you will be able to see precisely how patrons use your website.


One of the most significant influences is YouTube channels to create a following and educate customers. It’s much easier to do a YouTube search on “how to” than to read a user manual. Pictures are compelling, but a video is much easier to follow and understand.

Too Many Choices

Applications are abundant, free and paid, to help you improve your internet marketing. Don’t be tempted to use an old-school approach to growing your customer base. A layperson can utilize the handful of applications listed. You do not have to be a geek. Can you afford to devote some of your time learning the ins and out of SEO?

Maybe you don’t have time but know it must be a strategic goal for your company. If you don’t want to be a loser like Hillary, you need to put someone in charge of your online marketing that can get results. Dominate SEO can help. We are experts at using the best tools on the market to get you top ratings in Google. What does a high Google rating mean? It means you have arrived. You are credible and, more important, you are one of the first listed companies to come up in the search engines.

Google search
It is rare for anyone to click on the companies that aren’t on the first page.

Dominate SEO takes great honor in getting you the prime position at the top of user searches. We enhance the company’s web profile to build your credibility for the google bots. Contact us so we can do a free website audit and help you figure out how to dominate your competition.


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