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Have you ever had the desire to find out more about an organization or business before you have to get in the car and drive over to check it out for yourself? Now’s your chance to make this happen for your potential customers!

Boost the visibility of your business and, of course, local search engine ranking results with our new Google Street View service. Adding a high-quality virtual tour of your business to your Google My Business listing will give potential customers the opportunity to get to know you before they arrive, legitimizing your brand and building confidence by providing an excellent first impression of your products and services.

What Exactly Does This Service Include?

Our team creates professional, high-resolution custom virtual tours of any sized business. The process starts with you making a phone call where we’ll chat about what you have in mind for your tour. With your goals in mind, we will work together to create a plan that allows us to capture the videos and still images required to produce a tour that reflects exactly what you have envisioned.

Video Production

Next, you will work on getting your business ‘camera ready.’ Just like any professional photo or video session, you and your team will want to take some time to prepare yourselves and your business for when we arrive. We will provide you with many tips to help put your best foot forward during the shoot, including:

  • How to communicate your brand consistently throughout your tour.
    That includes things like logo placement, signage, colors, etc.
  • What you and your employees should wear the day we’ll be there to shoot.
  • The best ways to display your products or visually communicate your services.
    Think merchandising plans, product placement, and more!
  • And many more! We customize each of our suggestions for the individual business. We’ll work with you to come up with a concrete plan full of action steps that you will be able to implement to make your business look its best.

Once you’ve had the time to polish things up and feel camera ready, we will set up a specific day and time for us to visit your business and start capturing the videos and images we need to create your virtual tour! We produce each of our tours with high definition photography that will showcase the character and beauty of your business.

Your team will have a chance to review what we’ve created and, once approved, we will take it live!

An Investment that Keeps on Giving

When we create your virtual tour, we are capturing incredible photos of your business in action! We will make each of these high resolutions, professionally edited images available for you to use for future projects. You own the rights to these photos!

Once your tour is live on Google, we will send you the embed codes and links for you to share the tour on your website and across all of your social media platforms. If you come across a sharing issue or have trouble getting the tour added to your site, no worries. Just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you get it sorted out.

Google Search

On to the Facts… Straight from Google!

Wondering if a virtual tour of your business on Google Street View will help your business gain customers and improve your bottom line? The answer is yes, but consider these few facts from Google, Inc. that might help in your decision-making process:

  • Google ranks #1 in local search!
    When prospective customers want to know where to eat or what hotel to stay at, they search Google. In fact, 62% of people who search online do so using Google. People are looking, but how easy is your business to find?
  • Two of three people report that they would like to see more virtual tours!
    Among those surveyed, 67% feel that virtual tours add value to the individual business listings and they appreciate the information that they provide. 26% were indifferent, while only 7% said they were unnecessary.
  • You can peak interest in a business listing with a virtual tour.
    You may have already guessed this, but people are more likely to interact with business listings that have virtual tours included. They already feel familiar with the organization and are one step closer to making a purchase.
  • Your Google My Business listing is vital to your online presence!
    Improve your online appearance by taking your business listing to the next level with a professional virtual tour that will improve the overall user experience, increase your search engine results page ranking, and increase conversions.

Do you have a large business?

Google makes it possible for you to navigate indoors by integrating your floor plans with Google Maps on both desktop and mobile. Adding the floor plan element to your virtual tour package will improve a potential customer’s ability to understand what exactly to expect when they arrive at your location, and also navigate their way through once they are there.

For places like zoos, museums, or big-box retailers, this is an absolute game changer! You’ll cut down on the cost of creating, updating, and printing maps for visitors to utilize. You will also have an online resource that can be efficiently updated whenever your layout changes.

If adding floor plans to your Google Street Views virtual tour so that potential customers can better understand your layout before they arrive is something you’re interested in, let us know, and we’ll contact you right away!

 Google Street Views

Ready to get started?

Awesome! We’re totally doing a little happy dance over here because we know how much adding a Google Street Views virtual tour to your business listing is going to help you stand out above the competition and grow your business.



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