How to Rank for Snippets in 2018

A recent large scale study by SEMrush revealed that 41% of searched questions return featured snippets. If you know how to find featured snippet opportunities and potentially rank for them at “rank 0,” you could unlock some impactful inbound organic traffic opportunities for your site and your business. In addition to questions, comparisons and prepositions[…]

Old Content

How to Use Old Content to Get New Traffic

Truly informative content has value, so why should you repurpose old content? The short answer: with proper evaluation, repurposed content can have a decent ROI (return on investment). Google prefers fresh or updated content, and publishing and updating content helps you rank better. You’ve already done the primary research, so now you can save some[…]

dominate with SEo

4 Extra Perks You get When You’re Part of our Community

The other night I had just sat down to the table for dinner- I made this homemade chicken noodle soup because we had all been sick (and it was so yummy).  We have, of course, a strict “no device” rule for the table, but I could not un-see that my phone was blowing up through[…]

9 pictures of trump with lots of color

5 Ways to Use “Trump” to Rank Your Blog

Trump has sent shock waves through the country. If you haven’t noticed the cry-ins (yes, cry-ins) or the gloating from the right, you’re clearly not paying attention. I know, I know- politics aren’t your thing, and we certainly shouldn’t be talking about it on this platform. This isn’t even a political post because we like[…]