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Headdesk: How to Create Blog Topics When You’re Fresh Out

The blank page mocks you. Look at that cocky bastard. Maybe you don’t have a plan. Maybe you’ve been blogging for years, and you’re out of topics because you’ve already recycled your recycled topics. We get it: you need to know how to find blog topics your customers love and how to keep your content[…]

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3 Types of Content To Repurpose: How and Why

Look, there are some instances when you should consider auditing and repurposing some of your content—like when you venture into a new area of business or go through a rebranding process. Your old content is still an asset, even if you’re going in a new direction—especially when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Yep, it’s time to repurpose content.


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All About That Action: Tips for Writing an Inspiring Call To Action

What on earth is a CTA? Is that car part? 

A call to action (aka CTA) provides content viewers, including blog readers, with a direct roadmap to their next experience as it pertains to your product or service. In short, it tells them where to go and what to do next. Easy peasy, right?

An effective CTA can turn a fence sitter to a buyer. If you provide a new buyer with half off their first month of a subscription service, for example, you might not profit on the first sale—but the lifetime value increases as they remain subscribed.


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Conversion Theory: 8 Facts About Blogs That Convert Readers Into Customers

Are you ready to create a blog that turns fans into buyers? Welp, we hope so for obvious reasons. It’s a win for everyone—your fans and readers get the information they need, but they also support you by making a purchase or taking their next step in the journey to do so. Let’s take a[…]


No Crowns Necessary: 11 Top Royalty Free Images Sites

We know you don’t have time and you just need pictures for your blogs. No one wants to read a blog if it doesn’t have images to reclaim their attention at some point. You know, The “Ooh, shiny!” Effect.  You need cheap or free and quality images because you’re small business and not rolling in big[…]


The Ultimate Grammar Guide for Content, Part II

In Part I of our grammar guide for content and bloggers, we covered plurals, double and single quotation marks, periods, parentheses, and brackets, ellipses, and tenses. Yup, even the pesky S vs ‘S.  We’re not done yet, though. Our Grammar Guide: Part II English language is fascinating – but it’s also complex. And aggravating! Are[…]


Length Matters: 8 Easy Tips on Better Blogs in an SEO World

What? Blog length does matter! But we’ll get to that later. If you’re here, you probably already know that SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy to make the most money off of your brand by ranking well on search engines. Where it gets gritty is that it’s not as easy as throwing specific keywords[…]


SEM vs SEO: What’s the Difference?

In digital marketing, we often talk about SEM vs. SEO. Both types of marketing involve showing up online: being seen in front of your prospective customers and becoming at the top of their mind. But what are SEO and SEM, and what’s the difference? We’ll take a look at SEM vs. SEO, what sets them[…]


Guest Blogging: Is It Still a Valid SEO Strategy?

A few years ago, guest blogging was all the rage, but it soon fell out of fashion. What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is when you publish a blog on someone else’s site. Usually that person or business allows you to include a link to your own social media and services. That link has SEO[…]