6 Small Business Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

6 Small Business Marketing Do's and Don'ts

The other day I had an interesting thing happen with a client.  He hired me to essentially bring him in more business through the internet.  You know, because that’s what I do.  One of the things I did was set up a lead generating website- these sites are generic in nature but VERY good at attracting the people looking for your service.  Now, when it comes to consulting small business owners in regard to small business marketing, I’ve been around long enough to know that I’m going to need to listen in on their phone calls so I know why the sales aren’t being made, if that happens.  Remember- my job is to simply bring in the business- it’s the business owners job (or whomever answers the phone) to actually make the sale.

I noticed there was quite a long conversation with a lead today, so I took a listen to the call.  A client had called wanting to rent an inflatable slide for her daughter’s birthday.  This small, local business, has inflatable rentals and a new gaming trailer system (think gamer heaven).  The owner, understandably, wants to get away from the bouncy houses and push the gaming trailer.  However- when I listened to the call I was pretty surprised at what I heard.

This business owner essentially told the customer she could pick up the bouncy house and do it herself.  I literally spit out my coffee guys.  No- seriously. Face.Palm.  I ended up emailing this client- and had to kind of scold him and then teach him a few things.  Which, that’s my job. Remember this news post?  It’s me, coaching you.  Read it.  Anyways- I wanted to share with you all- what I shared with him. We had a good laugh over it, and he’s graciously let me share our experience here so others can learn from his mistake!

Here are 6 small business marketing do’s and don’ts.

1. Don’t get mad at your money

This is a coined phrase from a course I took to learn all things SEO.  But the point is simple- don’t get mad at your money!  This business owner has been paying up the wazoo for small business marketing campaigns, and turned down a 500-dollar gig!  When you’re paying to have these leads land in your lap- you better do whatever it takes to land the deal.  That’s 500 more than you had a few second ago.  Take the money.  Take the job. Just do it.

2. Build your forever client list

Another thing this business owner missed what that these kids that wanted the bouncy house would eventually grow up and get over the bouncing, and in turn want the gaming trailer he wants more business for!  He could have built a client relationship with not just this family, but all their friends as well. That’s thousands of dollars down the road, and a lot of loyal customers. That right there is the backbone of a lot of businesses.  You guys- never underestimate the power of having a lot of people in once place.

3. Work for free

When I first started my company, I did a lot of free work so I could just get in the door. This doesn’t mean I never got paid, it means I added in extras and freebies.  It means I went above and beyond what I was paid to do.  I worked for free.  This business owner had another opportunity to advertise his gaming trailer FOR FREE.  All he had to do was sell the bouncy house rental and ask if they had any older kids, and offer to bring the trailer for free.  He would have had Dads, older siblings, and even some of the younger kids loving his new rental.  Essentially- they would have been paying him to advertise his gaming trailer- and talk about it and explain it.  You can’t ask for more.

4. Have good customer service skills, and if you don’t, for the love- hire someone that does.

If you actually tell a potential client that they need to do what they’re hiring you to do- and then charge them, you might need better customer service.  I guarantee you this costumer hung up, and called the business owners biggest competitor.  And I bet they were more than thrilled to take the sale and do the work. So be the yes person.  Do what they ask.  Serve serve serve.

5. Warm Leads

Every sale has the potential to bring in more sales, and more money.  So look at the business you’re bringing in and try and see how that one sale can lead to more.  Maybe they know someone you want to work with. Maybe they have a lot of friends that need your service.  Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to use those warm leads. Throw out names of people you both know…find that common ground!

And of course- work hard.  It’s a lot of work running your own business- but if you work hard and go above and beyond, people will notice.  If you’re lazy and don’t really want to do the work- they will notice that too and go elsewhere.

Hope these tips help and that you are always doing something to help your business grow! Remember- do something everyday to grow your business and carry on “Dominites!!”


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