5 Ways to Use “Trump” to Rank Your Blog

Trump has sent shock waves through the country. If you haven’t noticed the cry-ins (yes, cry-ins) or the gloating from the right, you’re clearly not paying attention. I know, I know- politics aren’t your thing, and we certainly shouldn’t be talking about it on this platform. This isn’t even a political post because we like to stay off that topic here at Dominate With SEO. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we have our beliefs and we discuss them with each other like any team of friends would do, but we don’t intend on using our business to push our political agenda. So why, you ask, am I even talking about Donald Trump and discussing this stuff? Because I want a chance at this blog being read, if I’m honest.

Here’s the harsh reality. If you want your blog to be read- which is likely on your website for the sole purpose of bringing in more traffic (words people, words matter), then you’re going to have to follow trending topics from time to time and jump on that bandwagon. Yeah. It’s soul-crushing for those of us that despise all things trendy- but it’s one of those necessary evils. Right now, one of the most historic elections of our time just occurred, and people are freaking out. People are all over the inter-webs either crying or cheering. There’s no in between. So our motto here at Dominate with SEO is to simply use that to our advantage and you should too! Here are some simple ways Trump (or Hillary Clinton, or Cry-ins) can be used to help boost traffic to your website.

1. Just say, Trump, a lot.

His name is like gold right now. Can you hear the “caching?” You could own a plumbing business for goodness sake and offer a “Trump won” sale or even a “Clinton lost” sale. You can write a blog about how Trump will hurt or help the average business owner (again, we’re not going to tell you what to think, just tell you how to use this for your business). It doesn’t honestly matter how you use his name, but by golly use it! Piggyback off his success and for the love go to town

2. “How to Move to Canada.”

Headlines and titles are far stronger than we think. A lot of the times, the title doesn’t have to be specific about what the blog discusses but do make sure that it’s correlated. When I asked Sam Romain here at the office what he would title a blog right now, he said, “How to move to Canada.” It’s not because he wants to move to Canada- it’s because he wants to take advantage of all that traffic and all those people googling that and bring them to his business page. So if you’re a plumbing business, write a blog on exactly that- how to move to Canada! Maybe even throw in plumbing prices there. Now, you’ll want to make sure you don’t LOSE customers this way, but most of us business owners tend to know the demographics of our clients.

3. Be Bold

There’s always the honest, bold, and real approach. Blogs are often used to be a source to vent, or simply make clear where you stand on certain issues. The LGBT controversies are great examples. A lot of businesses get pressure to open up bathrooms for all genders or those that identify as both. You, as the business owner- have every right to accommodate, or not. The best way to let all your clients know how you will run your business in a blog that you email out. Not only does it bring people back to your website, but it helps build trust and loyalty where it matters. Your clients can ALSO share it, and even be used to get more customers. I know for me when Apple sent out an email explaining how they will never offer our private information to the government I became a lifelong customer. It was that simple. So- be bold during those heated controversies and speak up!

4. Trump or Clinton?

Another great use of trending hot topics for your blog is doing a survey. People LOVE speaking their mind, and they will go to your business site to do that. I know, it’s weird. But we are an unusual species am I right? Go to Google Surveys and makeup fun, or serious, a survey about the 2016 Presidential Election (or whatever is trending). Let people speak their mind, vote, and enjoy the traffic increase.

5. See how I’m using Trump?

I’m sure you’re taking note now how often I’m using the golden keyword- Trump. Now, I don’t expect to be on the top of Google when we just type in his name- but I do expect that when this is shared or posted to people that already follow us- it will grab their attention. It’s already on their minds. You want to relate to your clients and make it known you’re not living under a rock.  It earns a level of respect. Keep it fun, and enjoy.

Keep it fun, and enjoy.

So get writing business owners! Use Trump, Clinton, or Cry-Ins to your advantage and have fun!

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