4 Extra Perks You get When You’re Part of our Community

The other night I had just sat down to the table for dinner- I made this homemade chicken noodle soup because we had all been sick (and it was so yummy).  We have, of course, a strict “no device” rule for the table, but I could not un-see that my phone was blowing up through Fb messenger.  It took all the self control I had, but I made it through the meal without caving.  When I finally got to read what all was going on, it was simply Sam talking to one of our clients.  Somehow on his weekend, “off” he had gotten her some awesome referrals for people needing her services.  All of this was just from word of mouth, and Sam being Sam- it had nothing to do with online marketing or SEO.  He just LOVES locally owned, small businesses and is always thinking of all his clients.

Here’s the thing we don’t normally advertise or boast about- when you sign on with us, you’re going to get more than just SEO services.  When you’re a client, you become a part of our tribe, a part of the family. It got me thinking that maybe we should talk a little bit more about these extra’s because in all honestly, it’s these things we love the most about what we do.  Yes, we love helping that phone ring off the hook but alongside that, we absolutely love being a part of you and your businesses community.  So- here are a  few (six to be exact) “extras” you get just by being a part of the community here at Dominate with SEO

1. Non-Internet Referrals


This would mean word of mouth, simply recommending your business to other clients of ours, or just someone we met at the grocery store that mentioned needing your services. Your businesses success becomes our success- so we don’t stop at SEO and online marketing.  We are always working hard to connect you with some great referrals, recommendations, business partnerships, or just a smile because we know you’ve had a hard day! And we are always thinking of how to serve you better, and how to help you grow that business.  While SEO services certainly has it’s perks, nothing beats some old fashioned face to face marketing and referrals. Sometimes, two of our clients will have what the other needs- and a perfect business marriage is formed. We LOVE it when that happens and it’s just something that happens naturally in our little community.

2. A Shoulder or Ear to Cry On

If you need a shoulder (or ear) to cry on, we’re there. I mean for the love- running a business, especially by yourself, is so incredibly scary at times- we want you to feel like you’ve not only got some cheerleaders and friends, but people that want your business to grow as much as you do.  There’s something to say about the power and health of an individual in a loving, supportive community; here at Dominate with SEO we want to be a part of your businesses community. We want you to feel, and know that we’re here- any hour, and anytime- for anything.  Whether the slow season is approaching and you’re worried, or you simply are just needing an encouraging word.  Take it from us- we’re entrepreneurs just like you. We run a small, mostly local business- we know what it’s like when the phone slows down or the slow season hits.  We understand every aspect of what it takes to run a business so we know exactly what it feels like to have someone come alongside you and just say, “relax, I’ve got this.”  It’s a breath of fresh air.  It’s almost enough to make you cry.  We want to know how your  days are, what your family is up to, and how business is. So send us emails, give us a message, take a screenshot of that awesome lead you just got- whatever it is- and let us know how life is!  

 3. Business Mentorship

It’s amazing what you learn, business wise, when you do what we do.  We’ve got our fingers on the latest trends, top searches, and so much more.  We know what’s working for businesses and what’s not.  We get an inside peek on how businesses run- the successful ones and that not so successful ones.  We are constantly taking seminars, reading up on anything business related we can, and always learning.  This has given us the ability to really mentor the newer business owners (or older ones that need to get up to speed with the “interwebs”).  We know what works.  We know what doesn’t.  And, no matter your response we’re going to be honest and tell you if your approach will work or not. And most of the time- we’ve got a pretty good idea of what your business needs and we’re able to put that into motion.

4. Honesty

It seems these days that digital marketers are becoming more and more, dishonest.  While the majority of these companies are simply scam artists from Pakistan or India (seriously, don’t listen to the, “Google” people when they ask for 500 dollars to rank you in two days).  However, Sam and I here at Dominate with SEO- we’re straight to the point and honest.  Sometimes it can take a good six months to properly rank your site- and we’ll tell you.  We also have no control over certain aspects of ranking and we’ll tell you that as well.  

An example of this is a recent conversation we had to have with a client.  Metrics wise, numbers wise the client’s website had drastically increased traffic and the phone calls were even up.  Page views were up, and how long visitors on the site stayed were longer.  Everything was improving and not just a little bit, but a lot.  However, sales wise there was no increase and the owner (understandably) become concerned.  I mean, why pay for a service to bring in leads when it’s not adding up in the books, right?

Well, kind of.  We took a look at all the numbers and could not at all see why these leads weren’t being closed.  So, we had to look outside the website and do some digging. We could have just showed a report that we’re doing our job, and called it that- but that’s not good enough for us.  We want your business to have success just as bad as you. After some digging we came to realize that the automated phone system was NOT user friendly. I mean at one point we just hung up because it was seriously frustrating trying to get a hold of anyone. And there, there was the issue.  It wasn’t the easiest thing to tell a client that another system they had seemed to be what was causing the lack of sales- we like taking responsibility where we need to- but we weren’t doing them any favors by not showing them the big picture and what we suspected was happening. This is something you can always expect from us- honesty and going above and beyond.

You see- we go all in.  We don’t just stop at SEO and we never will.  When you come to us for help, we will do everything we can to do just that and in any capacity.  So, kick off your shoes tonight, grab some wine (or juice) and take the night off- you’ve earned it

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